blaze king wood stove pricing


  Blaze King Wood Stove Pricing

If you have done your homework and you know that you want a Blaze King Wood Stove be careful of stores who will try to sell you on their brands of wood stoves they have in stock.  

When shopping for Blaze King wood stove pricing pay particular attention to everything that is included in the price.  Especially online, you will see some very enticing prices but what they don't share with you is the fact that the price does not include a door or a fan or a top rail.

Be sure to visit your local shops and get their prices because some of them will price match. Also be aware if you are shopping during peak season the retailer will barter with you based on the fact that you will get a 30% rebate from the government, therefore they might not be willing to budge on the price as much.

Lastly it amazes me as we shop wood stoves in our area many salesman try to compare their wood burning stoves to Blaze Kings.  Why is that?  If you want to the best possible price on any wood burning stove try purchasing your stove at the end of the burning/heating season.  Retailers will be excited to get their stoves off the books instead of in the back room taking up space.

Suggested accessories:  get a fan to help push the heat off the top of the stove and into various rooms.  If you purchase a catalytic system get some extra bricks and ask for a discount since you are purchasing the stove.

Finding Blaze King Wood Stoves In Spring

As you know we have a Blaze King Wood stove thanks to the fire in 2010.  We knew what we wanted but it was still hard to purchase the KEJ knowing that the Princess was sale priced to move.  Since we are bargain hunters and having the ability to save $300 it was hard to walk away from the Princess.  However, we knew we needed the KEJ because of it's size and I am here to tell you that we are sure glad we didn't bite on the Princess.

Why am I telling you this?  1.  you will find bargains in the spring if you can wait that long and 2.  If you do your research and know what you want, don't get pulled in another direction by the price of a stove.  Our example above should tell you all you need to know about this.

Following is the top and bottom of blaze king wood stove pricing we have found in our area and on the net:

 Blaze King Princess 1006 Series  Price Range: $1554-$2695

blaze king princess 1006 prices

The princess 1006 comes in three different models (Parlor, Ultra or Classic).  

  • The classic has been around since 1977
  • It has been engineered during this time to reach an 82.5% efficiency rating.  
  • The emissions are a low 2.42 grams per hour

You can either purchase this wood burning stove in either a catalytic stove or a non catalytic wood stove.

If you would like to view the specifications on this wood stove click: Blaze King Wood Princess 1066 Wood Stove

King Classic - KEJ 1107 -  Price Range: $2042-$3568

king classic kej 1107 prices

Like the Princess this monster King KEJ 1107 wood burning stove is available in Ultra, Parlor and Classic models.  You can either chose a catalytic stove or non catalytic.
  • Burn time up to 40 hours on a single load at low settings
  • The emissions are a low 1.76 grams per hour
  • An incredible 82.5% efficiency

If you would like to view the specifications on this wood stove click: Blaze King KEJ 1107


Just checked some of the forums and here is what people have to say about Blaze King Wood Stoves

  • Holds absolute huge volume of wood and truly burns 20 hours on my oak! I've owned many others, but the King and Princess models are way ahead of the others and burn so clean.
  • Not my favorite looking stove... but NOTHING is more suited to a serious wood burner
  • With white spruce and sum birch, burn times are plenty long enough to load and heat 2200 sq. ft. in the interior of Alaska.  
  • We live in Nenana, Alaska, and are heating a 1400 sq foot leaky log house. We have been raving about our Blaze King Princess since installing it a month ago. We find the stove performs well with whatever wood we put in it, as long as it is dry. No creosote in the chimney. The stove holds the fire overnight or all day long when we are at work.


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